Farepay is the first of its kind on the African continent. Farepay is an innovative solution which is designed to make your daily commuting a pleasurable experience. Now you can say goodbye to the hassle of using tickets to pay for your Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) rides. Farepay is a contactless card linked to your bank account which allows you to “tap in and tap out” of the BRT buses.

Get yourself a Farepay card today and fund your card through different agents at the Agent locations, USSD, ATM and other accessible channels.

Take your bus rides the cool way with Farepay! Start here

0700FAREPAY (0700-327-3729)



Get your Farepay Card from any of the Agent Locations.


Fund the card through different agents across the Agent Locations, through USSD, ATM, and other accessible channels.


Place your card on the censor of the console (tap in) and board the bus once access is granted.


When you reach your destination place your card on the censor of the console Make sure to tap out when you reach your destination.

How to Get Started

with your FarePay Card


How To Activate Your FarePay card

Using a USSD follow the steps below:

  • Dial *540*240*5# from your mobile phone.
  • Enter Serial Number of Card (7 Digits).
  • Choose A Pin (4 Digits).

Frequently Asked Questions

FarePay is a contactless payment system for fare payments on the Buses, first implementation being on the Primero BRT buses in Lagos

FarePay cards are contactless payment cards for Fare payments on connected Bus validators.

FarePay cards are available at all FarePay Agent locations along the Ikorodu to TBS corridor.

FarePay cards are linked to an account that can be topped up at Agent locations or via bank transfers from any bank in Nigeria

FarePay agents are responsible for FarePay Cards distribution. They can do Cash-In to FarePay card accounts as well as airtime top-up,bills payment at the agent touch point.

There are currently more than 500 Agent touch points to attend to Cash-in requests ( account top-up) from customers as well as other value added services like airtime top-up, cards hotlisting,etc

Tap-In to get access to the bus and tap-out to ensure that you pay the correct fare and that the maximum fare is not deducted, fares are calculated base on distance covered.Maximum Fare is deducted if passenger fails to tap-out.

You must ensure that your card account is funded, you can do a transfer to the account from any bank or visit the nearest agent location to top-up your FarePay card account.

Yes, you can use your FarePay card for ATM,POS or web transactions.

BVN is a CBN regulation for all type of accounts inclusive of FarePay card accounts.

You can hotlist your card by calling the call centre 0700-FAREPAY or by visiting the nearest Agent location.

Dial *540*240*0# to check your balance.

Customer provides his or her location and Contact Centre looks up the list on the FarePay agent list closest to the customers location.

Customer provides details of his/her account and time of transacation. Contact centre looks up the customers account to confirm. If true contact centre reports/escalates to Sterling Bank Contact Centre, Sterling Bank will provide feedback to the customer.

Ensure your card account is funded, get to the bus, place the card within inches of the validator, a green light showing a correct tick sign allows access while a red X( wrong) will not allow access.

Customer supplies his account number for checks to confirm if account is funded. Contact centre checks if card is not blacklisted. If Blacklisted contact centre informs customer of remedial action to pursue.

A FarePay card can be blacklisted due to the reasons below
1. There are unpaid fares on the card.
2. Card is reported stolen or lost.

Customer funds the account while the system debt recovery mode recovers the funds after which the Card will be removed from the Blacklist within 24 hours of funding the account.

No, The service for Top-up of FarePay Card accounts known as Cash-In is free at all FarePay Agent locations.

You are only required to pay for Bills Payment services such as Electricity bills, DSTV,etc

Card Security deposit amount is N300, which cannot be used for transactions. Customers must ensure that their accounts are funded before getting on the bus for a ride.

Activate your FarePay card using the steps below:
1. Dial *540*240*5# from customer mobile phone
2. Enter Serial Number of Card (7 Digits)
3. Choose A Pin (4 Digits)

 The Passenger needs to have the following information

  1. BVN
  2. An active phone with the telephone line used for the BVN registration.
  3. Address
  4. Next of Kin information including their Phone number and Address

Visit the agent location for a card replacement which will come at a cost.

Your account is not debited immediately but will be debited within 24 hours so always ensure that your account is funded for your journey. If your account is not funded at the time a debit is to be passed your card will be blacklisted and you will not be able to use the card until you fund your account and the debit entry is passed.

You can fund your account at any agent location, electronic channels( USSD,ATM,Interbank funds transfer) as well as at any Sterling Bank branch.

Yes you can use your cards on ATMs and POS. To use your card on ATMs and POS;

1. On receiving your cards at the Agent Location, proceed to activate your card and set your PIN by dialing *540*240*5#. You will be prompted to enter the serial number on your card and also to set a 4 digit PIN. The 4 digit PIN set on your mobile allows you to use your card on the ATM alone.

2. After successfully setting your PIN on your mobile, proceed to the ATM to change your PIN. Get to the ATM, select change PIN, follow the steps to set a new PIN and change your PIN. After successful change of PIN at the ATM you will be able to use your card on any channel.

3. Use your new PIN for transactions on the ATM, POS and Web.

On the Interbank funds transfer menu of the channel you are using, select Sterling Bank, enter your account number, submit and complete the transfer.

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